July 6, 2015


The Cloakroom has spent the last 6 months collaborating on a collection of handmade hats with experienced Brisbane milliner Felicity Boevink.

Felicity has over 20 years of hatting experience and works using time honoured construction methods, spending upwards of 10 hours on each piece. The hats are crafted around a handmade wooden hat block and are made from the world’s most durable rabbit fur felt. The fur is hand stiffened, creating a pliable finish without that stiff cardboard-like texture. Poorly crafted hats are stiffened with resin and so never soften and mould to fit the wearer’s head. Much like a canvassed suit, rabbit fur hats gradually take on the shape of the head; becoming an extension of the wearer over time. When cared for properly, rabbit fur will last multiple lifetimes.

Visit us at level 1, 215 Elizabeth St to see our ever-growing collection of rabbit felt fedoras and hats, perfect for our sunny Australian climate.

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