September 16, 2016


‘Royal Qiviuk’ from Dormeuil is the next level of luxury when it comes to fabric. The Qiviuk cloth is made from the hair of the musk ox, which lives predominantly in the Arctic areas of Canada. The musk ox is a protected species and there are only an estimated 80,000-125,000 animals worldwide.

Each year the musk ox grows a soft layer of underbelly hair and in the spring this is shed in clumps. Indigenous Canadians scour the icy tundra for these incredibly soft fibres. The fibres are finer than cashmere at just 11.4-15.3 microns in diameter and the price of Qiviuk reflects this time consuming collection process.

Qiviuk is blended with other natural fibres such as wool and cashmere and a suit made from Qiviuk often tops $30,000.

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