March 24, 2014


French-based Dormeuil has been producing some of the world’s finest fabrics for 170 years. 6th generation namesake, Dominic Dormeuil, currently runs the company, innovating and keeping it not only modern but also competitive in an ever-changing retail industry.

We asked Dominic’s opinion on different fabrics for customers looking for a unique wardrobe solution. Keeping in mind the Australian climate, we asked what fabric would work best for the following scenarios.

A smart suit for work that will be worn 1-2 times a week:
ICONIK is a new middleweight Super 120’s and is ideal to wear all year round. For every daywear, I would go for a semi-plain or micro design, something subtle but with a point of difference.

A jacket for travelling and ‘smart casual’ occasions:
Amadeus 365 Jacketing collection has the perfect “must have” item – a dark navy, crease resistant basket weave. Every man should have this jacket in his wardrobe because it is soft, comfortable and has a lovely sheen to it.

A work suit that is a bit special and only to be worn once a fortnight:
Our Super 160’s Jade is incredibly soft and it produces the kind of suit that makes you feel special when you put it on in the morning.

A timeless tuxedo that will last for many years:
The Celebration and Ceremonial collections are beautiful. I really like the Tonik, which is a Wool and Mohair blend. When the weather gets warmer, Tonik’s breathability will keep you comfortable and the crisp Mohair adds sheen.

A wedding suit:
I find it peculiar that many young couples spend a great deal of time and money choosing a wedding dress, and then settle for a boring suit for the groom. Select something special like an electric blue Wool and Silk with a bit of sheen from the new Eclipse collection.

A reward for closing a deal; something special to celebrate:
Our new Super 180’s Ambassador is the perfect reward. The 56 Design Collection is beautiful and its softness and drape are amazing. It needs to be seen to be believed.

*The Cloakroom tailors suits using Dormeuil fabrics.

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